Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shelby and Trent: Portraits and Reception

Sometimes the clouds that hang over us threatening rain and ruin ... are the ones we end up looking back at in reverence and appreciation for how they changed us and what they added to our characters. The above is a photograph of the clouds that spat at us and threatened to wreak havoc all day on Sunday... and I guarantee you Shelby and Trent will gasp with delight when they see how much they added to their pictures. Such a great metaphor for life! Thanks to Caitlin Wilson who was responsible helping me with these pics. Enjoy a few of my favorites of their portait session and their beautiful reception at Flagstaff Ranch. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Shelby and Trent: The Wedding

I learned a lot from this wedding. I learned that sometimes strong conviction, fierce determination, unrelenting love, and unwavering devotion comes in tiny blue eyed, blonde haired packages like Shelby. And I learned that sometimes the softest of hearts and the warmest of genuine tears come from giant men like Trent. I have heard via the grapevine through the years of Shelby's ability to stand up for anyone who has been left out or threatened. I watched as she uncomfortably took the spotlight and accommodated the attention hesitantly....  all the while not seeming to be aware of the fact that pretty much no person on planet earth could have outshone her beauty on her wedding day. Then I saw Trent sob... yes... literally gasp back tears as he not only watched his bride approach him... but even as his friends and little brothers entered the isle!!! I witnessed both she and Trent, whose appearance could have warranted feeling a little elevated than the rest of us... be very humble. Very grateful. Very unaware of anybody's eyes but each others. And I have enormous respect and admiration for both of them. And I wish them nothing but a blessed and happy existence. God Bless you guys! Here are my favorites of getting ready and wedding pics and we'll post the formal photos tomorrow including some by very talented second photographer for the day Caitlin Buchanan. You totally made my day! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sophie and Ben in Italy: The Reception

Like most of us do, I sometimes find my family weird.. which explains perfectly why I am weird. And if you asked any of the extended family they would all agree without insult that we're... quirky. That's a good word. But for all our quirks... I have to say... I'm pretty sure I belong to one of the coolest families on the planet. I enjoy everyone's company. Genuinely... from my little cousins to my oldest grandparents - I actually can have a thrilling conversation. I can find common ground with all of them. I sat back and and enjoyed a piece of American cake (amazing!) under an Italian sky... and observed 3 generations of Bussells & Taylors join with Chengs. How strange that time has not changed anybody's energy level. There I watched my uncle dance along side Sophie's new father-in-law Terrance and thought "weird... he's so much like my Dad"... which I don't think very often about anyone. I felt exhausted just watching these two families. Is everyone this full of spunk and vitality or was this the pivotal common denominator that Sophie and Ben share? My grandparents in their 80s danced and chatted till 2 am. Well... specifically my Grandfather danced- his counterparts more or less swayed... he got DOWN! And then like some impossible miracle everyone showed up sober and smiling at the next day's brunch. If genetics count for anything... I have no excuse for being jet lagged 2 weeks post Europe return. I am lucky to be tied to such a crazy and incredible bunch. Sophie and Ben - may your lives be as wonderful as your wedding!! It was stupendously beautiful! As much as the venue made it what it was... I think your family and guests were the real stars of the show. I cannot wait to see the chaos that ensues when we all try to do christmas together one day. I digress.... I love you both. Thank you so much again for giving me the opportunity. Photographing such wonderful people in such a stunning location will always be remembered as a highlight of my career. And Chengs... I feel like I've known you forever already. Welcome to the family!