Sunday, July 9, 2017

Eliane & Flavio

Sometimes in life when you ask for clear skies, you get clouds and rain ... and somehow it's exactly what you needed even if it's not what you thought you wanted. And the miracle? It was not the doom and gloom predicted... it was mostly dry... romantic.. and dramatic. It was perfect for the adventurous and enthusiastic pair that I had to photograph. I was so thankful my prayers were answered for the rain to stay at bay. I was so excited about incorporating the epic landscapes into their pictures and I was so grateful to be able to capture them as I pictured it. The moments of sunshine rewarding and more beautiful than a flawless blue sky. I loved watching Eliane and Flavio smile through all the four seasons that were displayed on one summer day in the mountains of Switzerland... and I felt confident that they flourish no matter what life hands them. Most weddings I have to use my "do a fake laugh" trick to oil the cogs and get everyone to genuinely smile... not this bunch. I don't have a single serious photo... they were truly happy. Beautiful people on the inside and out and probably my favorite venue to date, the Wetterhorn lodge in the Alps. Thank you to Eliane's best friend Hannah who is my cousin who connected us. I am grateful for the opportunity and thankful I was able to share your day. Enjoy a few highlights! P.S. Shout out to my awesome Aunt Christina who made the cake. It was amazing and matched the venue perfectly!


  1. so spectacular Sarah, love every minute ! wow.

  2. so spectacular Sarah, love every minute ! wow.

  3. Oh my goodness! These are breathtakingly wonderful!


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