Monday, February 9, 2009

Preparing for Your Maternity Portrait Session

Moms-to-be often ask how they should dress for their maternity photography session. Although there are some simple rules to abide by for best results - I always advise that you wear what makes you feel beautiful because when you feel confident it shows in photos. Here are some examples of things that I would suggest doing whether you visit my home or we do the photos on location:

1. Wear clothes that compliment your pregnant body. Whether they flow or fit... make sure that it is very apparent that they atleast pronounce the top of your belly. Maternity dresses or high waisted shirts often do a great job (see below). I also provide fabrics which we can "wrap" you in and clothing that is "See-through" also work well. Avoid bras and underwear that can been seen or lines that are obvious. Victoria's secret sell seamless, strapless bras if you're looking for something that doesn't show at all.

2. Wear clothes that coordinate with your partner. They don't have to be the same color... but they should not clash (i.e. one of you is in plaid and the other in formal silk). You may bring multiple changes of clothing so that we can alternate for different pictures.

3. Bring along some of your baby's special items. These are a great addition to your baby books.

4. Do your hair and makeup. I always think that hair down looks most soft and feminine, but it's again up to how you feel best. I recommend that makeup be as natural as possible... but some blush to enhance your cheekbones and a little lip gloss through the session will go a long way in improving the images. Curls always come out beautifully in black and whites. If you have a pimple, scratch, birthmark or imperfection that you want removed in your photos - please let me know. I would not risk offending anyone by automatically taking it out.

5. Make sure your hands,finger nails and rings are as clean as possible. Men, especially in some professions, may not be able to avoid some dirt - but hand/belly photos are generally a must-have in maternity sessions. Likewise, think about areas that need to be shaved or plucked - or if you like your hair - by all means... LEAVE IT THERE! :)
6. Wear Jewelry if you please... it can be a pretty side note to an image and makes an image even more sentimental if it's a piece from a loved one.
7. Last but not least... try to relax. My "studio" is my living room. It is not a place to be intimidated or scared. I expect no-one to be a supermodel and I do expect them to need direction on where to look, how to pose etc. I am a very casual photographer. I will have coffee, tea cookies and water available for your hour of photos. Ultimately I want you to feel like you can really be yourself and have fun with your photos and I LOVE hearing your ideas of what you envision for your pictures.

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