Friday, May 15, 2009

Chasin' Chase

This kid has been a good family friend for years. His parents have been so good to us (his Dad built our house, his mom threw me all my wedding and baby showers... etc. etc.) and I truly feel honored to be able to return the favor (in a tiny way) by documenting their lives. Chase graduates from high school this year. Congrats to him! He's kept us all on our toes with his gymnastic victories over the years and he's become a really polite, wonderful young man. Kudos to him, the Lord and the parents that raised him for the way he turned out! :) Here are my favorite shots of his senior shoot.
Not too shabby Chase - we'll have to go and try this technique out where you can do some of your gymnastics tricks!

This is his late grandfather's old truck. Kind of cool to preserve it this way.


  1. What a cutie!! Can he really do gymnastics? I love the red house/barn background...

  2. yep.. he's an amazing gymnast. If I'd had more than 45 minutes to play we could have done some REALLY fun stuff!


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