Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suzy and Andrew's Pine Canyon Wedding

They say life is what happens when you're making other plans. That is precisely what happened on Saturday. This wedding was a metaphor for the unexpected curveballs life can throw at a couple - and if it's a reflection of how Suzy and Andrew will conduct their lives - they will do wonderfully! The wedding was originally supposed to be overlooking the canyon at Flagstaff's climbing pit (amazing venue) but Suzy and Andrew (wisely) pulled their plans at the last second and opted for the dry indoors. It seemed to hardly phase them and it was really obvious the second they layed eyes on eachother that regardless of where the stage was set they were doing EXACTLY what they wanted to do that day - marrying their best friend. It was beautiful regardless of the rain - and we still got some great shots. Talk about photogenic people! And the weather had some great side effects: like bright colored umbrellas! The reception was at the Weatherford hotel.

Suzy's Dad is also a photography buff - and so he joined us taking photos of her before the wedding. The photos of him taking photos of her are some of my favs. It was evident in his face - in his eyes that seemed to always twinkle with emotion - that he loves her. I would love to his photos of the day too Suzy!

P.S. That's a reflection of them in the mirror in the bottom left corner. Didn't notice it till after I posted blog. Lucky snap!

Isn't this flower girl GORGEOUS!???

One of my favorite moments of this wedding - I had my camera on the crowd when Suzy's brother let out a "little secret" that had the group in stitches. It's one of those photos that doesn't have the greatest composition - but every persons face tells a story of what was happening at that moment.


  1. Just gorgeous!!!! My favorite is the one on the dance floor with the light shining behind them... and the way they pop in the last one with the beautiful mountains!!

  2. Beautiful images Sarah! I love the umbrellas!


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