Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Andrew and Karine Make it Official! (Finally!)

Poor Andrew and Karine. I personally know of three separate wedding dates that they booked and arranged. For different reasons the wedding always had to be postponed and most of the time I was unavailable on the new date. Finally, when they settled on November 7th, their venue called them pretty last minute to announce that the residence had been sold and their contract was canceled. Talk about frustrating. Fortunately I had just done a wedding at Foxboro Ranch and I knew it would fit their taste. They drove up, saw it, loved it, booked it. Who wouldn't? I of-course was delighted to return to this amazingly photogenic venue. Their wedding was beautiful - the weather cooperated nicely as did their friends and family who created such a warm atmosphere around them. I was lucky to capture it! Here are some of my faves.

Andrew is a graphic designer and he designed all their stationary. It all was so beautifully coordinated.... and orange and green are my favorite colors so how could I not have loved it all???

Karine's Dad passed a way a few years back and so she pinned charms onto her bouquet with his photo in it so that he'd be with her through the day. Beautiful touch!

This is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. This is Andrew's parents who I am actually going to do a entire post for. They were SO in love after all these years. Their eyes twinkled when they looked at eachother. It was obvious that they still really enjoyed eachothers company. Right as the ceremony was about to start I peaked my head through the door way and saw them waiting on the couch in the loft to be called to walk down. They were touching hands and whispering to eachother. They had no idea I was there. This was a moment of sincerity with no pomp or pose. I wish I could be so lucky to find a moment like this at every wedding:

After the ceremony they took a few minutes alone together outside. I think this is a spectacular idea. Weddings have a way of rushing by and I think a planned moment of reflection is a great inclusion!

I can't name the ways in which I love this next photo:

Melissa Dunstan
was SO kind and generous to lend me this awesome bike to take to the wedding. I have been dying to use one since seeing some of Jose Villa's bicycles at his weddings and this was the perfect prop for these two.

Wedding cake compliments of Andrew's mom!

On a side note - Karine does awesome video production and the video they showed at their wedding was killer. Also check out how they sent out their "save the day" invites. So unique and original!


  1. Wow! These are amazing. The shot of my parents is shockingly good.. those moments are so so hard to catch. They'll be a mess when they see them.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, as usual! The last silhouette is stunning, and I adore the candid shot of the couple on the couch. :)

  3. All pictures are totally amazing. Myself, personally, I am overwhelmed in regards to Karine & Andrew for finding a way to express for her Dad to be with her on this special day. I know it meant the world to Karine.
    To Sarah -- thanks for the special moments that you caught on film. I truly appreciate all that you do. Best Regards, Paula Ryan (Mom)

  4. I love seeing photos at this venue!! this is where i'm getting married in February! Just beautiful!


  6. Gorgeous photos! It was a beautiful day that you beautifully captured.

  7. I can not stop looking at these photos. The moments you captured are unreal. I am overwhelmed with the attention to detail you had to each photo; I can't honestly say I have a favorite as they are all my favorites. I look forward to the rest of the photos. You are an amazingly talented photographer and we were so LUCKY to have you be apart of our wedding day. Thanks a million Sarah!

  8. Only thing we wish is that we could of snuck Ms Ella in there somewhere! :)
    We might just need to make a special trip out to Flag to get some photos done by you..they are that incredible!


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