Monday, April 5, 2010


All babies are miracles. If you've ever witnessed a birth or been close to someone who has carried a child - you know that it is nothing short of mystifying. The develop of a human being is a series of MILLIONS of amazing processes happening in nine short months - all culminating into one fascinating piece of work that will become a person. Funnily enough - I never consider the miracle of it all going right as much as when something goes wrong. When Stephanie was pregnant with Lily she found out that her baby had gastroschitus, a condition where the bowels form outside of the body. For months we prayed for her and Lily. Prayed that Lily would experience the "best case scenario" - a normal full term birth and be healthy enough for an operation to fix her problem. It was nail biting experience even for those of us who didn't know them very well (Stephanie is my sister-in-law's cousin). There was a large "range" of possible outcomes. Praise the Lord though - Lily was born healthy and normal and was able to have the necessary surgery and recover to be a completely normal, perfectly functioning child. So while every baby is a miracle... Lily is an extra special miracle and I was happy to take some photos of her six-month birthday. Here are some of my favorites.


  1. These are so stinking cute! I LOVE them!

  2. when tommy and i are blessed with babies (we are crossing all of our fingers and toes!) we will be flying back to arizona to hire you to to capture these sweet sweet moments.

    these are incredible.


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