Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Sister

My sister Naomi is a proverbs 31 woman. She is without question one the most honorable, kind, hospitable, hard working people I have come across on this earth. She is really good at a lot of things (though she'll humbly deny this) - but of all her talents - mothering is her strongest. She is almost ready to pop with baby #3. A boy this time after two beautiful little girls. I can't wait for little Jonah to get here!!!!! :) She came out for a few days a month or two back and we did a few photos of her and her belly. We had planned on doing photos in Phoenix that evening (picture cacti and wild flowers and a field) but it turned out to be freezing and far from any such destination. Lucky for us we spotted this amazing scene on the way down and decided to jump out for a couple of quick ones on our way through Sedona.

When we got to the hotel it had a great little pool area that was full of the most beautiful warm light. It was really chilly so we had to keep the kids moving.

These photos make me remember the uninhibited joy of childhood. It was so great seeing all the cousins together playing!

My sister grabbed the camera for a portrait of me and the girls. I'm glad she did - it's such a cute picture!!! Wish she lived closer... we could be a good team. :)

Love you Omi!


  1. Amazing pictures!! So beautiful : )

  2. Great pics! And great family:)

  3. You probably dont remember much of me cuz that was a long long time ago! But i just have to tell you looking at your pictures gives me so much joy, they are truly beautiful and you have a gift from God. Much love, Zipporah T.

    1. Ofcourse I remember you. I remember about a 2 year old version of you - but I know who you are and I love your family :) Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate your words though feel a bit undeserved!


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