Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brandt & Nicole: The Rehearsal

Last weekend I had the very fortunate experience of joining a family I love in Chicago for their son and daughter in law's wedding. (and I met a NEW family that I love in Nicole's clan!) Having flown through Chicago atleast 15 times on my way to Canada, I always said I wanted to actually LEAVE the airport and explore what looked like from the air to be a beautiful water-front city. It did not disappoint! I'm not a city-girl. I spent most of my life in big cities and prefer small towns BUT I do enjoy a few days in a place like Chicago. Very clean. Architecture is amazing. Enough world-class museums that you should spend a week there just exploring those. One of my favorite things about the city was the multi-culturalism. For Brandt and Nicole's rehearsal dinner they chose an AMAZING Moroccan restaurant near the church they'd be getting married it. It was just a hop skip and jump off the "L" (Irving Park Stop) and on a windy slightly chilled summer's end day... the meal tasted pretty much incredible. It was my first time for Moroccan. I have to say though... it's one of my new favorites. A mix between middle-eastern and Mediterranean food - both of which I love! Too bad Flagstaff doesn't have one. Or maybe for my wallet's sake that's a good thing. Anyway... here are a few pics of the rehearsal. Nicole looked gorgeous in her red dress!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Sarah! Can't wait to see the rest. thanks so much for posting!

    Gayle A

  2. Sarah, how can I get some of these photos. I would love to have such a lovely and creative reminder of my daughter's wedding.
    julie (nicole's mom)

  3. you are the best. What a wonderful weekend. Thank you for being apart of our celebration and for capturing all the special moments for us. I wish I was able to express how much it means to us. Angie

  4. Beautiful photographs.


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