Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hannah and Zachary

We moved our house (and inherently the home office of two businesses that reside in our house), shot a handful of shoots and weddings, went for a business trip back east, moved out and cleaned up our old house as a rental and renovated half our new house in the past 6 weeks. All without taking a day off work. Yikes! Anyway... needless to say I have gotten WAY behind with work. I know these two must be dying to see their pictures so I had to at least get this post up until I could finish editing the wedding. It was beautiful and all the work and love and thought was carefully placed into each detail. It was emotional, and musical and spiritual. My friend and fellow photographer Reg Plett did an awesome job shooting along side me and some of these beautiful images are his including this first one of Zachary.


  1. You did a great job capturing the beauty of the day. - Special Events Coordinator, C. Fraijo

  2. beautiful...congratulations .. lovely couple ... God bless richly

  3. Don't they look so happy? Amazing photography job :) The pictures turned out lovely!


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