Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. Tanner Wayne

Babies are fast becoming my favorite "type of human being" to photograph. They are genuine without being asked to be. They have perfect skins and bright eyes. They make everyone around them happy.... you don't have to direct a parent on how to act or pose with their child... they just do it naturally. He is my latest baby... Tanner Wayne. We had planned on photographing him early but it took a little while longer than anticipated. I'm glad though... we actually have his eyes bright and wide which wouldn't have happened otherwise! He is precious. Good natured and a GREAT poser! Congrats Christin and Travis... here are my favorites form yesterday! :)

P.S. As a side note to this shoot... The CF card I used to take these photos corrupted and when I got home much to my horror there was only ONE photo on the card. I tried using my data retrieval software (Image Rescue 3) but everytime it tried to read the card the program would unexpectedly quit. I ended up downloading another program - Photo Rescue - and though it took hours to retrieve the images it did it with flying colors. PHEW! FYI all photogs out there who don't know this - if you ever accidently delete your photos... don't keep taking photos. Put the card aside... these programs can save your bacon.


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! I love these photos! When I have a baby you MUST do my baby pics! :)


  2. Very nice set; I really like the baby in the drawer shots.

  3. These are really beautiful, Sarah :) I love seeing your talent just keep overflowing! It's so much fun...


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