Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Superstition Mountain Weekend

We got inspired this weekend by the Arizona Highways article about the wildflowers across the state. Since I was in for a MUCH needed weekend off, and I don't seem to be able to be near a computer or phone without getting sucked into it - this was the ticket to escaping it all for 24 hours! The destination we chose to go and hike was Superstition mountain near Phoenix. We packed the family up for a cheap night at a priceline room and some warmer weather down South. It was a little early for the prickly pears and daisies but we got some amazing yellow "brittle brush" action going on. Here are a few pics of the hike and of a little nearby ghost town called Goldfield.

Wes snapped this one of Lydia and I - I'm in love with it!

The amazing saguaro cancti - I never realised how they dwarf a human being. For reference - Wes is 6ft2 - and it makes him look TINY!


  1. I love the shot of you and Lydia.... way too cute! You both look gorgeous!

  2. Very nice post and pics. Superstitious Mountain lies to the east of Apache Junction Arizona. You can meet the mountain lions, amphibian forms, black bears, bobcats, coyote and javelina while visiting Superstition Mountain. It is cruel play area with tortuous highs and lows in temperature. In the months of September to June climate is reasonably moderate. Dont fail to visit deserted ghost towns, chronological museums and hiking tracks. You can enjoy activities like fishing, boat rides in Verde River, Canyon and Saguaro lakes. For more details refer Superstitious Mountain


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