Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lydia... Drawn 10 Years Before She was Born!

So Wes and I decided to move our office into our bedroom and bedroom into our office. In the process he pulled out my art portfolio and a sketchbook from high school - 98/99 Mrs William's class. In it he found a sketch of Lydia... only if you're doing the math.... Lydia was not born until 2008. Infact Wes asked when I'd drawn it, probably assuming it was recently. I don't know what the assignment was or who I was drawing (maybe it was one of my own baby pictures - though to me she looks just like her Dad's baby pics).... all I know is it looks undeliably exactly like Lydia. If only I'd known when penciling that sweet little face that it would be my own baby's 10 years down the road.


  1. Me gustaria aprender de ti, quiero ser fotografo.


  2. WOW, Sarah!!! That's pretty amazing! There's a similar story behind MY Lydia as well. You see, when I was 8, I spent a few days at Bro. John Daulton's house out in the "boonies" when they still lived in Flag. I don't know if you know her, but his daughter's name is Lydia (Branham). She was soo sweet and I had decided that when I grew up, I'd have me a Lydia. :) My Lydia is now 17! Love, Joane Dominguez

  3. Sarah, this made me tear up! You had to be drawing Lydia,.. you have rainbow colored eyes, not blue like hers. This is so amazing! I used to have dreams when I was pregnant with Hannah of me with a baby, nursing it and playing with it... and I swear when she was born and I looked at her the first time, I felt that I had seen her before!


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