Friday, March 27, 2009

Ali and Ryan

I have to say that despite falling off a chair, locking my keys in the car and almost being knocked over by a car... this photo shoot was a lot of fun and had great results. Ali and Ryan met me over at RendezVous, a very photogenic little coffee shop in downtown Flagstaff for some couple portraits and Ali's college graduate pictures. She has the most beautiful eyes ever... and both were very sweet and cooperate as we gallivanted through downtown and sat in almost every doorway we came across. Here are my favorites.


  1. I love these new shots! The first one is especially sweet and sunny... and the cafe ones are amazing! I'm off to do a couple shoot today, too-- eek!!

  2. these are beautiful! i love the teal color of the wall and the coffee shop photos.

  3. Sarah, you are incredible!! I am so impressed by your talent and eye for photography!!


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