Friday, April 17, 2009

Sedona With the Family

It's been unseasonably cold in Flagstaff. We're talking erratic bouts of snow and hail mixed with spurts of warm sun. Actually, it's been known to snow into late May up here so we decided to head off the mountain to Sedona where it was theoretically warmer. Theoretically. It was supposed to be sunny, 5 MPH wind and about 75 degree f. It was supposed to be.

That said, despite cooler than expected temperatures we all had a ball. Wes took us down in the Around the Bend Adventures Van and we had an awesome picnic furnished by his gran who was in from Missouri and took the kids to Oak creek. (the BEST Cold Slaw I've ever eaten!). We got some GREAT pics of the kids in the process. A few of my favorites....

This is Miley (my niece)'s debut on the blog. Welcome Miley!

Madison and Luke(bro-in-law) fishing for sticks.

My two favorite people... hubby Wes and baby Lydia. Aren't they adorable?

Madison about to fall off the bolder.

Vanessa, Luke and fam.

He loves her... which makes me in turn love him even more!


  1. These are awesome shots!! You have such an eye for the composition! What camera and lenses do you shoot with? Your photos are so clear!


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