Thursday, June 18, 2009

Desert Botanical Gardens Phoenix

Maybe it's having a world reknowned botanist, plant photographer and author as a Grandfather (Graham Williamson)...
Maybe it's having a Dad who takes amazing plant and insect photography (Peter Bussell)...
Maybe it's that my mom with all her bubbly enthusiasm and awesome camera skills was with us freaking out about all the great stuff around us...
Maybe it was that it seemed surreal and unearthly to see such lovely things thriving in such a hot and barren place...
Maybe it was that the more I saw that day, the more I realised that God's creativity is pretty powerful... and He's an artistic type... and I don't appreciate the earth and all it's other inhabitants enough!

Whatever the reasons - this place just BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! I think the photos taken that day are among my favorites I've ever taken. Here are some photos of the incredible desert plants, insects and birds we saw when we went down to Phoenix with my mom a couple of weeks ago and killed some time here while we waited for her flight. I'd say it's worth a visit to any nature lover (especially the above mentioned individuals!).

Ever seen anything like the above? Looks like nature's own version of a kaleidascope!

Wes shot this pic of me, my mom (or as everyone else thought - my "sister") and Lydia.

Photographing these hummingbirds reminded me of shooting a couple at a wedding... :)

A lot of it seemed like it was from another planet (part of an alien brain maybe...) - (I know Pop-Pops... botanist blasphemy... haha)

Lydia had a ball. She wanted to walk the whole time. 100 degree temps and all. She loved it!

Can I have him? haha (my hubby and probably telling Lydia not to touch the thorns)

Thank you for the opportunity to see this God!

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