Saturday, June 20, 2009

Donald and Susanne's Maternity Pics

I think I'd be considered these two's "life photographer". I did their engagement, wedding, maternity photos and yesterday their first child's first professional pics. How lucky I am to share in so many of their important moments of life? That's why I LOVE doing this. Anyway... Usually I'm swift about posting people's blog preview... but in this case it took a few weeks. Amongst shooting weddings, a vacation and a few other crazy events in between - I delayed editing these (and thus posting). I took so long that Aiden (the baby in the belly) arrived... and Suzy probably has already forgotten what she looked like pregnant (but probably not how it felt). I spent yesterday shooting his pics (he's a doll!) but I thought before posting those... they'd probably like to see these! Congrats Donald and Suzy.... you will make WONDERFUL parents.

You can't see Suzy's belly in the above pic - but to me there is a glow to a pregnant face that's undeniable and I really think that this photo shows it. I think she looks GORGEOUS in it! And that little piece of hair that we kept trying to shift out of her eyes is the part!

I love Donald's "italian mobster" expression in this picture. haha... he's a HOOT!

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