Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fields of Gold

Summer evenings in Flagstaff are beautiful. This particular evening we decided to haul out some bright colored clothes after dinner and head down the street to a field where I'd seen a cluster of "Indian Paintbrushes", a red flower I thought would look flattering in photos with the girls. Most of the flowers were gone but the field was as charming as I'd pictured it - especially with that last moment of stolen sunshine dipping over the horizon.

These are my nieces Madison and Mylie clowning for the camera to the tune of their mama Vanessa who provides excellent entertainment during our photo sessions.

I really LOVE this photo. Embodies the emotions of sister-hood.

Madi can jump... really... really... low.
Madi enjoying the wind in her hair.

This cracks me up. Mylie checking out the other camera I brought for wide angle shots. She really thought someone was in there... someone who looked a little like herself!

This is my *beautiful* daughter Lydia on the left and Mylie on the right. This photo of Mylie is perfect - it really shows JUST what she's like. :)

And finally... my favorite of the day. Apparently the girls are already gossiping... NOT that it runs in the family or anything... ;)


  1. Ok THE most adorable family ever!!! I love all the bright colored clothes with the flowers and grass... and your new wide angle looks amazing... can't wait to see it in action!

  2. That last picture is just too precious for words. Your work is just so beautiful. I wish we were closer so that I could have you do pictures for us. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. When do you plan on being in Canada next?? Our girls have to meet.

    Shannon, Jamie and Ava

  3. Sarah, this last picture is SO adorable! That could be on a funny greeting card! So cute. Amber Olson


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