Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ben and Lisa at King's Cabin, Flagstaff

This was a wedding after my own heart. Only 15 people. A warm and classy mountain setting. Beautiful string quartet music. The icing? TONS of raw, unhibited emotion... a photographers dream. I actually shed tears.... and I think that's pretty special considering I only met Lisa the day before her wedding and Ben about 10 minutes before he said his vows. Each relationship - those between parents, grandparents, siblings, and ofcourse Lisa and Ben unfolded without hesitation or inhibition infront of the camera. Sometimes people feel really uncomfortable and don't allow themselves to act naturally when they believe a camera is nearby. (myself included). This family fully embraced me being there - and it totally shows in the images. I felt really honored to witness a celebration that only 15 people most near and dear to them were invited to share. It was one of my favorite weddings ever. Here are some of the highlights from the day (it was TOUGH narrowing this down).

The bathroom that Lisa got ready in had a fantastic claw-foot tub that she really wanted in a couple of pics. She climbed in it... and then her sister joined in. I got a set of amazing photos of them giggling together that I just love.

Lisa and her Dad had a really touching bond to witness. The above is one of my favorite series of images from the day - him coming and seeing her before the wedding.

Does Ben not look like John Mayer??? Crazy?

This appears to be a "posed moment" but what I really love is this was their first time seeing eachother as she came down the stairs... completely genuine!

Stealing a moment while they wait for the ceremony to begin.

Instead of bouquets, their bridesmaid/groomsman carried the Tiffany's ring boxes. Nice idea

They had an INCREDIBLE string quartet that played for them and she walked down the isle to "bittersweet symphony". Pretty awesome!

They made my life really easy by having a 15 guest wedding that also were their wedding party!

I wasn't hired to cover their reception dinner but I loved the table and decorations. Kings Cabin is an INCREDIBLE wedding venue that I would highly recommend. They're apparently trying to sell it - so I would ALSO recommend that someone purchase it as an investment and continue to offer it as a wedding venue.

Congratulations Ben and Lisa. Have a wonderful life together!!


  1. I love that picture with her shoes, so vintage looking! Such a genuine intimate celebration, I love the simplicity of it.

  2. I grew up with Lisa and she still remains my best friend--I actually introduced her to Ben!! Thank you so much for capturing these gorgeous moments. You're a fabulous photographer--do you do Colorado weddings?

  3. Wow... you're a very big part of their life then. They seemed like really genuinely good people to me and a great match (well done!). I travel occasionally for weddings if it fits into the schedule. I charge extra for travel expenses though... :) My email is sarahnealdesign@gmail.com if you ever want to get in touch about a Colorado wedding.

  4. I knew this would be a beautiful wedding, but I never realized actually HOW beautiful it could be. The pictures a just terrific. I actually shed a few tears because you could just feel the love between them during this special day.

  5. Beautiful!!!! These are great photos. Congrats again! Jill

  6. I love the bride's dress. Nice shots.


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