Monday, July 27, 2009

That Lil' Stinker!

Go figure... the easiest newborn session I've EVER had turned out to be the hardest 6 month shoot... EVER. Ember is a doll. She smiles everytime I see her. A lot. Big gooey buckets of smiles. Apparently though, she doesn't find me very amusing with a camera in my hand. haha. BUT I learned a huge lesson. Smiles aren't the only way a photo turns out. I knew that. It just takes SHOWING a parent that that's true. When they're freaking out that this is the only day since their baby magically turned on the smile switch that they haven't shared the love - it's important to remind them that we have a rainbow of emotions all beautiful when captured. I was really pleasantly surprised to download the photos and find a handful of my favorite photos ever. Sweet stolen moments I was shocked had actually made it onto the lens. Who knew? She actually even snuck a few smiles in there! Here are my favorites.

The above is one of my favorite images ever. A little drop of joy... a blessed moment between mom and daughter.

Grandma Mary shares the flowers.

Her Dad FINALLY got her to crack 5 minutes before leaving.

We really laughed that the only time Ember really turned the charm on is when we brought out the mirror. She really thought she was somethin'!

"You Lil' Stinker!" - This is Brynne giving her a lecture about photo etiquette.

So you're probably wondering where all the "no-smiles" nonsense comes from since she seems blissful in all of these right? Well.. here's a more representative shot of the other 400 images. Her Grandma joked after about 10 different adults had try to crack her frown that she'll never cave to peer pressure. I agree. If she uses this expression on boys in the future, she'll make her Dad's life a lot less stressful. Stand your ground sister! :)

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