Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jordan Squared

Okay... so it's not very often that you meet a couple with the same first names. Try meeting a couple who share a relatively unique first name and (almost) have the same middle name too! Jordan Michael and Jordan Michelle....! I cringe imagining the years to come when they're signing up for accounts, but they are (young), very much in love, and defineately up for the challenge! We went for a drive down a country road with these two and got some lovely results for their engagement pics. Jordan (female) has beautiful long blonde hair. Jordan (male) knows how to work a camera! They were very open-minded and full of ideas themselves. I had a lot of fun with them. Now that they've sent out their invitations I'm allowed to post MY favorites from the session. Can't wait for their wedding and the "post-wedding" portrait session with the horses! Congratulations you two...! (and thanks for weathering dirty barns, wheel barrows, dusty fields and scorching hot roads... oh... and we can't forget the outhouse!)

Love this sun flare - it created a rainbow that surrounds them. Very lucky!

Having a Kelty Luber moment here I think...

Jordan climbed to the top of this barn in her skirt and heals... impressive!

The farm we invaded for these pics had a *really* cool old outhouse. I laughed really hard imagining them using an outhouse pic in their invitations - but they actually did incorporate the one above. Pretty funny!


  1. Sarah - you are amazing! Those pictures are wonderful...I want engagement pics that spectacular!!!

    I'm so sad you can't shoot our wedding :-(

  2. Beautiful photos Sarah! Love the setting.

  3. Wow really nice and good collection you share here. I read your entire post and really very cool and funny stuff thanks for comments option.


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