Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Flagstaff... I love you!

There's an old hymn that I sang growing up that goes "This is like heaven to me...". On this particular evening - it streamed through my head because it's exactly how I felt. I looked at my husband... my child... the mountain that faithfully looms over our little town... and thought "wow... I'm REALLY blessed". I know I live a life that 99% of the earth yearns to have. I found my true love, have a healthy child, and a job I find enjoyable and meaningful. The big added bonus is that it's all set in a place I really love too. Flagstaff. What an amazing place. I've lived in South Africa and Canada and done short spurts in other parts of the U.S. I can really say though, that I've found where I belong and am completely satisfied here. I am SO grateful for that. My life may not always be here... who knows where God will take us... but for right now I am freezing these photos in my minds eye - a little slice of heavenliness for me to enjoy here on earth. This was a recent evening that Wes and I enjoyed the sunset up near Lake Mary. Pretty cool place... wouldn't you say? (P.S. If the family standing in the above picture sees this - I would love to send you a print - they were in an RV rental... it was taken May31st)

This lake has a weird matt of red algae or something on it. Very photogenic... wish I knew what it was. Not sure that I've ever seen it before.

The photo above totally looks "overworked" but it was a happy accident. It was actually WAY underexposed in the forground and I used the "shadow/highlight" fix which made the sun flare REALLY come out and totally exposed Wes and Lydia. There's another thing happening too - the lens got a bunch of sand blown up onto it and it was filthy. The sun is catching a bunch of spots which makes the clouds and rays look really weird. I don't know... seemed kind of cool. Better in sepia too.

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