Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Mountain Bride Blogger Gets Blogged

Jessica and Tommy... what a cool couple. Up for anything. Jessica has a wedding blog... or should I say... a literary bridal reality show. As I discovered, there are a whole slew of people who journal the wedding process. She got in touch about 6 months ago wanting to see some of my weddings blogged. She said she wanted to blog them and I headed on over to check out her space. I had only JUST entered the wonderful world of blogging. I never anticipated I would add her to my blog list and end up poking over there on a regular basis to evaluate her next critical decision on flowers or table decor. (she also has turned me on to some UBER talented photographers). I was really excited when she decided that I *humbled* would be the one she'd choose to document her and Tommy's "official" jump into engagementhood. They drove up from Phoenix JUST to spend the afternoon in the rain. Rain as it happens is very romantic... especially when you throw a "rad" (Jessisism) umbrella in the mix. Oh yeah... and some spectacular clouds. I love these pics. I also love how much I can see they mean to eachother. True love is rare! Here are my favorites.

We have very similar taste in jewelry... and flowers... :) Her wildflower bouquet on the right reminds me of a heart. How cool!

You actually see little bits of rain in the above picture.


  1. these are all awesome! great set!

  2. I love her blog! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!

  3. You are a great photographer, and I've looked at a lot of them. ;)


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