Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fitzpatrick Pics at Snowbowl

Midday sun is not the most ideal lighting condition... but sometimes when four family units have come from different corners of the continent - only one small gap of time will work - and last Tuesday 11am was the slot that the Fitzpatricks could do. I prayed all the way up the mountain that those beautiful clouds would shadow us... and they did comply for a few pictures. For the most part we had to use what we had (with some help from fill in flash). I can't complain though - the mountain was in full bloom with purple and yellow blossoms and my "models" were an extremely photogenic bunch. The results are some pretty unique family portraits that I hope they'll enjoy for years to come. Here are some of my favorites.

And one last one for the road (this family knows how to have fun together!!):

Thanks guys for being such a cooperative group with lots of ideas! I enjoyed our time on the mountain.


  1. Thanks so much for making memories for our family, it will be hard to pick which ones I want to have made into pictures for my wall!

  2. Sarah...thank you so much for making our family photo session so memorable, but much of the success was from you setting the tone in being so genuinely kind, patient,and friendly. After taking the pictures that day, we couldn't help but make comments to one another about how wonderful you were with taking the pictures of such a big group;you made us all feel so calm, while enjoying the outdoor experience together. God has truly blessed you in spirit and talents, and from one Christian to another it's great to see that in all areas of life we can give praise in all we see and do to our Lord Savior...Jesus. Thanks again, and once my husband gets back from his fishing trip we'll be sitting down to order some of these fabulous photos.

    Darcy(mother of the three girls)

  3. Darcy... I don't have your email address to respond - but I was SO incredibly touched by your comment. It actually made me teary *smile*. Thanks - that's the reason I really love this job!

  4. That kid with the cookie is too cute. I love the last shot, such a great moment you captured.


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