Friday, August 7, 2009

Lake Powell Getaway

In anticipation of a REALLY busy month, Wes and I decided to get away at the last minute. We left Lydia for the first time since she was born overnight *nail biter* but it was SO worthwhile. We had a lot of fun just cruising around lake Powell in an old borrowed boat and just soaked up that gorgeous Arizona sun!

In anticipation of an upcoming late wedding - I wanted to play with some long exposure techniques for some portrait ideas I have. The above is an image of wes and I running around with LED flashlights on a 30 second exposure.

The above left photo reminded me so much of a Salvador Dali painting. It's really an eery looking place in a lot of ways.

Did a self portrait on the cliffs using my new pocket wizard system. Pretty fun stuff to play with.


  1. Ok are amazing! The photo of the cross through your long exposure ideaa was absolutely amazing...Scott,my husband, said "can we order that one?" Looks like you and your husband had a nice get-away weekend,quality time together is a good thing. Well, we have looked over all of the amazing photos from our gallary and we have a long list, so when we decide on the top five we have we will be ordering in the next week or so. By the way, I have had so many of my friends ask if they could by a plane ticket so you could take a trip to Washington State to take pictures here for their families too...they were all so impressed.

    Darcy Bond

  2. I lived in Page for the first 2 years of my high school life. Looks like you guys had a nice get away, I'm glad it worked out! Love the playing with light, great idea for a portrait! Mine never quiet looked that good....


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