Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adam and Lindsay | Hitched on the Slopes of Snowbowl

Everywhere I turned at this wedding there was beautiful God given light. It was incredible. I had the innate sense that God was giving me (and them) the amazing gift of a perfect golden sunset and none of it's ideal timing was planned. So really... I can't take most of the credit for these images - ANYONE would have got great shots that day. Adam and Lindsay's wedding had such a sweet spirit about it. The wedding (and photos) went off without a hitch and after spending time with them I felt grateful to be a part of their day. I had no idea that we shared so many mutual friends and aquaintenances but after getting to know them a bit I realised why: they're my kind of people! I really enjoyed their company and it was one of those days where it REALLY didn't feel like work. I made new friends, saw some old ones, and got to have a really awesome girl tag along as my assistant (Thanks Kristen!!!). I really couldn't cover everything in this post... I had to pick out my very favorites (so you'll still have lots of great surprises).

Love this series of Lindsay's little sister twirling her dress in the window.

I love this photo - almost makes me emotional. I didn't even ask them if they ski or not... but sure would mke it cooler if they do:

Brides beware: If you hire me... your feet will be filthy after your portrait session. (and I love how they look so you'll defineately have a photo of them!)

My brilliant assistant Kristen Daulton suggested a shot under the beginners slope sign. Love it!

Adam and Lindsay's daughter watched her mama and daddy have their first dance. SO sweet. She is the most wonderful happy baby. We didn't hear a peep from her the whole wedding through.

And last but not least... I'm very proud to announce my first successful star shot. You can still see some motion blur on them, but atleast the big dipper is crisp. Thanks for winging it with me you two... I love the result! :)

All the best to you two and your beautiful daughter! Have a fantastic honeymoon! :)

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  1. this wedding is breathtaking! I'm so excited to get married at Snowbowl - you made it look so magical!! LOVE the star shot - LOVE it!


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