Friday, August 21, 2009

The Jordans are Married!

There's nothing like being dragged kicking and screaming over the threshold of your comfort zone. This wedding was DEFINEATELY on the outskirts of mine. A dark wedding. A wedding where bride and groom would not see eachother before hand. A GREAT opportunity to overcome my fear of (shooting in) the dark. With some equipment upgrades and the help of the amazing 50mm L series F/1.2 lens this wedding turned out great. Oh... and let me defineately not forget God - who I really appealed to to help these photos turn out. (Thank you Lord for guiding my creativity!) The results are wonderfully unique *it defineately wasn't your average wedding*. Jordan and Jordan were so classic. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Here are a few of my favs! Second shooter Reg Plett took the photos of Jordan and the guys. Also he has some great shots of the reception. Watch his blog for those to be posted soon!

Jordan's ring takes the prize for my favorite bride's ring. I love love love it! Simple and understated yet beautiful and unique.

So cute.... once they were all dressed and ready they did a little happy dance around the bathroom.

One of the most emotional moments of the day was when Jordan's dad delivered a pearl necklace to her before the ceremony. Above she was shedding a few tears while the room was empty after he left. I love the perfect tear rolling down her face in the above pic. One of my fav pics ever!

The photo above was while her girls were prepping her for a portrait but I loved how it turned out!

Both Jordan and Jordan are extremely musical and it was a huge part of their wedding. The wedding photos wouldn't have been complete without incorporating the piano.

After the ceremony we stole 10 minutes (literally) for photos. Our pastor lent Jordan & Jordan his 57' antique car. It added SO much to the photos. I'm so grateful for him trusting us with his little gem.

Jordan and Jordan... when you have down days in your marriage (as all people do from time to time) refer back to the above image and it'll remind you how you felt about eachother on the day of your wedding. I've never shot an image so indicative of how two people felt about eachother. SO neat!

We had a flood light from the parking lot casting LONG shadows across the field. Amazing how the one shot turned out. The one I didn't use a flash or extra light on. Also... some fun with bridesmaids and sparklers.

Because the ceremony was after dark we had NO light for the formals. Mitch Arnett came to my rescue. He rented us studio lights and showed up to set them up and make sure they were all perfectly lit. It sure took a burden off my shoulders. Any photographers in town would be wise to use his services at any dark wedding. Below you see the nicely lit result of hiring a guy who knows his stobes. ;)

If any of you have looked at my website you'll recognize the house that Jordan and Jordan got married at. It's the Buchanan residence. It's an excellent venue for getting ready at and has facilities for indoor and outdoor weddings along with the option of an outdoor tent for the reception. It's now available for limited events. You can call Debbie at 928-856-1189 for more info if you're interested.


  1. jaw dropping spectacular - you did it again! Nice work...amazing work in fact.

    *and* thanks for the words of wisdom on my blog this week - I appreciate it :-)

  2. You must of been so excited looking over these pictures the first time, you did an awesome job. The star one is gooorgeous, and the headlights. I absolutely love it.

  3. You have awakened some new fears for me. Night weddings. For your first you did beautifully! You're thinking so creatively and it's paying off. I love your work-thanks for the inspiration! I need a day with you + photography stories + web design. Miss you.


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