Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Terrin Family

Many times when I post a blog entry, I know the photos I'm picking aren't necessarily the ones that my customers will find most "flattering" of themselves. People often ask why I picked the one of them dying laughing, or a tear being shed instead of the one where they looked like a model (I post those sometimes too!). The reason is that in 20 years when you look back at the photos I take of you I want them to trigger a feeling. I want you to see how the people around you made you feel. I found a lot of these photos in the Terrins shots. It was really neat to open pictures and see genuine interaction and laughter. I think those are the ones they'll really cherish down the road.

They decided to dogpile dad... and it went slightly awry...

I was going to write the reason that Mikey and Charlene were killing themselves laughing in the above left pic.... but then I thought I might get in trouble. SO... if you know them ask her - it'll have you giggling too!

Seriously... is he one of the cutest baby boys you've ever seen!? Those brown eyes melt me.

The above photo is SO funny to me. Baby Tanner was DONE with pictures for the day!

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  1. Wonderfully done. It makes me happy seeing them so lively and joyful, although they are complete strangers.

    Baby Tanner is just absolutely adorable.

    Beautifully captured. The essence of happiness radiates through your camera work.


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