Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cori and Evan Tie the Knot

My August was crazy. I knew if I tried to schedule one more photo session it would too much. Then Cori emailed me and asked if I was available the last weekend of August. I told her I was full. In the meanwhile I discovered that she had a blog where she had documented her dress, the beautiful details she would include in her wedding, and the venue she would have it at. It became clear to me that this wedding was going to be an amazing opportunity for a photographer. Not only that but I realised that we were very like-minded people. SO when she emailed me AGAIN... I couldn't turn her down! I am SO SO SO happy I took this wedding! I felt like I was in the company of old friends. The family was so good to me and God gave them beautiful unexpected weather (I think compliments of your Grandfather putting in a good word for you up there!). Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your day. Your wedding was so beautiful and unique. I would have to say one of my favorites. Top 3 up there with my own! Here are my favorite shots from the day. I couldn't narrow it down to one post, so in the next week I'll do a post of my favorite rehearsal shots.

Cori lost her grandfather recently and the above garter was very special because her grandmother made it out of her wedding dress. Isn't it gorgeous.

Cori's cousin will probably hate this picture (she doesn't have a trace of a double chin - she's a stunning woman) but I just adore this picture of their grandma so I had to include it!

Cori's mom and sister got really emotional when they saw her all put together.

An old friend's reaction to Cori decending the stairs.

Cori and Evan saw eachother before the ceremony so that we could do photos. I sent them to the other side of the lake to meet and had a series of shots as they approached eachother. Not only was it private - it also made a really cool image!

Only a half hour before it was raining and looked like it would only get darker. Look at the incredible light God gave us!!! Amazing stuff!

Cori walked with her family towards the groom (I loved them... they were a really wonderful bunch!)

Evan's uncle brought his VW "thing" for some shots. I love it. I know it seems like I'm stuck on the headlight/antique car photos right now but AREN'T THEY COOL PROPS!?

The ranch owner let us wonder around the property for some dusk shots.

I can't complete this blog without mentioning the group above. They made for HUNDREDS of interesting and unique photos. Cori and Evan's wedding was "vintage" themed. Their friends fro Tucson arrived all decked out in beautiful photogenic vintage attire. What an awesome bunch! I'll be sharing the reception photos on here soon.


  1. Absolutely amazing! ~ And not to mention completely inspiring for my own photos! Thanks for sharing! You are an unbelieveable photographer!

  2. Turned out awesome Sarah! The covered bridge is pretty awesome that one will have to go in your studio one day :) I love the one of them running! Her dress is breathtaking by far my favorite dress!

  3. These are AMAZING Sarah!!!! We hopped on to check our emails and I almost did a dance around the room when I saw you had posted these. Beyond my expectations, I can not WAIT to see the rest!

    Thank you from hot and sunny Mexico!

  4. these are beautiful! what an amazing wedding and you captured it so tenderly! love each image!

  5. The first shot gave me serious goosebumps-- I need to see it HUGE on a wall!!! I love that in every one of your photo shoots there is at least one like that, perfect for the couple to hang in their home as a piece of art, not just a photo of their faces. Pure art!

  6. I would love to see her blog to get ideas for my wedding, can you share the address?

  7. Here is her blog

  8. The bride is stunning. I love this wedding! So glad to discover your work.

  9. Sarah, I have always enjoyed and respected your photography skills, but of late you have found yourself anew. Your ability to see the shot and transfer that into the image has really jumped into a new level. Keep up the great work and I will be watching.

  10. I don't have the words... beyond breathtaking. You captured the day!

  11. Oh, Sarah... Your pictures are just fantastic. Breathtaking indeed. I wish I could bring you to my wedding here in Brazil... *sigh*

  12. I am getting married in six months and I started doing research, but I keep finding myself getting caught up into photographers blogs/sites. I have seen so many pictures these last few weeks and never have I seen pictures like yours. You are an amazing photographer. I could go and on. I wish you lived near Los Angeles, there is just something so special about your work.


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