Friday, September 11, 2009

Cori and Evan's Reception

I've photographed many weddings and have appreciated different aspects of each. Cori and Evan's was different though because I shared Cori's taste in almost every detail. Were Wes and I to plan another wedding it would be a lot like theirs. I have had SUCH an overwhelming response on blogs for the previous post that I decided to share more of their wedding day loveliness along with some of the reception highlights.

The reception was held at Foxboro Ranch estates. I can't even begin to say enough about this beautiful place. I spoke to the manager and they are only going to do limited weddings there to get exposure to sell properties. The clubhouse rents VERY affordably and I've already referred one couple that will be married there on November 7th. Can't wait to shoot there again!

Cori's center pieces were awesome. Flowers picked from surround fields; a gorgeous photo piece made of a mason jar, oil and their beautiful DIY engagement photos; and my personal favorite touch - books belonging to her late-grandfather.

Catering was done by Thornagers of Flagstaff. Again... excellent choice. The staff was friendly and the food was EXCELLENT especially considering that they made it all dairy and gluten free to accomodate friends and family.

They had a tree where friends and family stamped leaves onto the branches and signed their names. A beautiful and unique keepsake!

Cori used her "sale" items to spruce up the already beautiful decor.

Friends and family wrote notes and pinned them to the tree that creates the center beam of the cabin.

Here is a good shot of the beam in the middle of the house. SO amazing! The house was build in British Columbia and disassembled for a re-build in Arizona.
And my personal favorite accessories at their wedding were their guests. They all dressed in vintage and it made for a one-of-a-kind wedding. I confess - I would never have thought of doing that!!

The dances and speeches were all touching too!

And finally... a few more favorites from the day that I found while editing.

The above photo was taken at ALMOST dark freehanded. Unfortuneately that means it's not perfectly in focus. I love it however for a few reasons. One, it was a totally candid pose. Two, the fishing pole was found as it lies. Three the jeep in the background totally looks like an old fashioned car. Four the bugs are visible throughout the photo (not dust!).

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  1. Sarah, you have an incredible ability, not only in detail, but in capturing the small moments of emotion and reaction on those sharing the wedding. These photos are breathtaking. Thank you


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