Monday, September 21, 2009

Alissa and Chris Are One!

I met Alissa because I did a wedding three years ago for my friend Katie. Boy was that a gesture that paid off! (thanks Katie!!!) Katie showed her pictures to her co-nurses at the hospital and I've pretty much had steady referral work since then. Alissa contacted me a ways back to meet and chat about me being her potential photographer. Only, when I met her... she didn't even want to discuss options. She just wanted to make sure she had me secured and that I would do her a slideshow. She loved my slideshows that she'd seen. I was so flattered at the unquestioning trust she put in me. She and Chris are really a wonderful couple which are VERY obviously in love. It was a very touching wedding. They married at Flagstaff Christian fellowship (my only church wedding of the summer) and did their reception at the Drury. We stole an hour in between to take our formal photos around the grounds of NAU. Enjoy some of my favs of the day.

I loved.. and I mean LOVED... Alissa's grandma. This is her reaction to seeing Alissa for the first time!

Her flower girl was peeping through the stairs at the ring bearers. She said they couldn't see her until the wedding.

Photographing in the flourecently lit church siderooms is a hostile environment for a natural light photographer. Unless ofcourse you find a rad skylight like the one above!

A little photoshopping on the license plate and all of a sudden this shot is WAY cooler!

LOVE these shots of the twin ring bearers playing with the bubbles - they make me smile! (And man they look like their dad!)

Boys will be boys... and these boys were a RIOT. See what I had to deal with all day? P.S. Now accepting applications for other people who have wedding parties who are this goofy - they were really easy to photograph. Case in point...

And another...
And yet another...
And my favorite!
So the photo below I was actually trying to get someone to jump so I could "loosen the crowd up". When I asked for a volunteer I fully expected one of the guys to step up to the plate but actually it was Chris's sister who signed up for the bridal olympics. Excellent jumper isn't she?

Meet my future assistant: (she was really getting some awesome moments!)

Chris's face is probably the most expressive of any groom I've ever photographed. I probably have hundreds of photos of him cracking up, looking dilariously happy, gasping at the antics of his groomsmen... etc.

A good time was had by all! Chris and Alissa, may God bless your marriage and may I see LOTS more of you in the years to come! :)

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