Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sample Album - Adam and Lindsay's Skilodge Affair

I just finished designing Adam and Lindsay's custom album and I thought I'd share. This one will be a flushmount leather album printed on 12x12 metallic print format. Kodak metallic paper is stunning - to me it gives the illusion that light is behind the photos. I can't wait to see this one in print! Here are a few of my favorite pages in the book.

And here is a shot of how these books look bound... (book I printed for Lora and Alex's wedding)

If you'd like to click through and see a full album design - here is a good example (Jamie and Doug's wedding)


  1. woooow!so thats what you meant by album!


  2. Absolutely amazing! I wish i had something you could albumize for me. :) All the pages are so whimsical and magical-- a feast for the eyes!!


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