Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Love for the Lovealls

You know when you meet those people who are all good things rolled into one? You know... beautiful, intelligent, funny, sweet, genuinely concerned about others... that's my friend Neta. She also is my biggest fan... seriously... I think I could take a horrific photo and she'd still say something nice about it. ANYWAY... Neta wanted family pics in Sedona with some red rocks. I chose Sliderock because we could have nature scenes, an orchard AND some cool old buildings. When we arrived though it was the Apple festival and overrun with people. We backtracked to West Fork (so you'll recognize some familiar scenes). Her family is SO photogenic. AND THOSE BOYS.... how cute are they? (and they're charmingly well-behaved too!). Here are some of my favorites.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." ~ Anonymous

Neta thinks she's not photogenic.... I'll let you be the judge...
This photo is hilarious. Jonah (the one in the middle) was very serious for all the photos so I told his brothers to tickle him. Tobias (left) was all too willing and Wes (right) was totally bored by the suggestion. Too funny the photo that ensued:

Joshua pointed out the gorgeous sunset going on as we were leaving West Fork. Glad I caught it!

Joshua earned this vehicle for achieving a certain goal in his business so he wanted a shot with it. Unfortuneately it was almost dark so the shots are a bit blurry. Still pretty cool spot for a car shot right!?


  1. Loved every single one of those! And you are right--- what a gorgeous, loving caring family. How is Neta Bess to choose? They are all wonderful.

  2. This is a beautiful family. You have done such a great job! I just love seeing all of your work!


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