Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eden is Finally Here

There is something so miraculous and breathtaking about a child being born. A little spirit who you know will be so important and meaningful in your life that you haven't even met yet or layed eyes on. It's surreal and beautiful every time - and since this particular baby is my niece it's even better! Eden Christine was delivered today at 1:52 pm (just one minute after her uncle Tim's wager on 1:51) at 6 pounds 18 inches. Can't tell who she looks like yet but Mom and Baby are in good health and spirits. I love you guys!

She is FULL of life. Unfortuneately she wouldn't stop crying during my short stay so stay tuned for some "peaceful newborn" shots later on. :)

The only problem with THIS little situation is now I really want another baby. :)


  1. Sarah dont kill me bout you want another baby...Looks like some has to talk to Wes..Love you girl great pics as usual..it's erica


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