Wednesday, October 7, 2009


There was a moment at Cori and Evan's wedding when I looked through the lens and just KNEW that this wedding was the one that would finally get me some coverage.

"You're going to be all over the blogs" I told her.
"All over the wedding website blogs".
"Oh... yeah. Maybe. Those can get kind of crazy huh?"

Go figure in the last month I've seen it on about 5 different blogs. The first was Vintage Glam Weddings , then about 5 or 6 smaller blogs and then the holy grail of all wedding websites Style me pretty did a three part feature last week. Very cool! I *who has never been featured anywhere* was tickled pink!

If you're interested in reading more about their wedding visit Cori's blog where she has documented much of the process and has posted tons of her favorites that I took that day. I would encourage ALL my future brides to read how she did her wedding. She was very much true to her and Evan's tastes, personality, wants, desires and wishes. She stuck to a pretty strict budget and pulled off a GORGEOUS wedding all because she was true to herself. AND PEOPLE - please - more weddings where everyone stands around the bride and groom. It's SO much easier to photograph!!

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