Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Happens in Vegas... Leaves Vegas

Atleast... I hope so. I attended Photoshop World this last week (compliments of my boss Dan at GDS) and was handed so much information that I wondered whether my rather "Waterlogged" brain could retain any of it. The conference had many amazingly talented individuals teaching both design and photographic technique. Each brought incredible skill sets and nuggets of information to the table. Some brought huge egos too. That aside, I learned a LOT and was totally inspired by what I saw.

I enjoyed Vegas which is actually amazing considering I probably dislike Vegas more than most people on the planet. It's a place engineered to suck you into casinos to spend money. No natural lighting, no clocks, amazing maze like structures specifically designed to make people with even the slightest lack in sense of direction to sit down at a slot machine in bewildered confusion. I will never understand why the city that requires more electricy and water than any other on the planet was constructed in the middle of a barron desert. ANYWAY... enough ranting. It was nice to go there for a reason and walk away with a LOT. On the last day our classes only started at 11am so I took a crazy hurried run down the strip to shoot some photos. Please mind all the abstractness - I had been around too many artists. :)

Incase any of you are wondering what Vegas is REALLY like, this is the most common age bracket and activity you're likely to run into there:

I was treated to an amazing moonrise/sunset on my way home (and I was SO excited to see my honeys back in beautiful Arizona!)


  1. Great pictures Sarah - I especially like the first one of the reflection in the window. Your talent just keeps amazing me. I really enjoy looking at all your pictures and reading your comments - keep it up! Jan

  2. your work is sooooo beautiful! i really love the thru-the-window shot of Vegas and the full moon image!


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