Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Five Best Years of my Life

Just 5 years ago (plus a couple of weeks) I packed up my life in Canada after a two-year long distance romance and headed South of the Border to Arizona. When I think about it now... it was quite a leap of faith. I had never lived away from my parents. I had a freelance design business that I plucked up by it's meager roots. I had never spent more than a three week span in Arizona. I had never seen the apartment where I was going to live. I had no family in or near my destination. I was marrying a grand canyon river guide who spent his summer deep in the ground. I was going to change my status from "Citizen" to "Temporary Legal Alien". Seems like I should have been a bit worried about the upheaval.YET - I didn't question a thing! That is the amazing grace God bestows on you when he leads you to your perfect mate. Your new partner IS your family. He IS your provider. He IS your security. It isn't a reckless gamble as it may feel or appear at the time. It is a sacred decision of trust and faith. I chose Wes Neal. He chose me. He and his family took me in with open arms and on this day (November 19th, 2004) 5 years ago I promised him that come rain or shine I would always be there for him. He has returned the favor with grace and charm! I love him so much.

So far we've been so blessed it's too much to write in this small space. We have a wonderful life together and God blessed us two years ago with the greatest gift he could give a married couple - a child! I pray that I never take my marriage for granted... that I always am diligent enough to water our relationship so that it keeps growing. I also pray that God grants us mercy to stay together and work through anything that may come. For now all I can say is that I'm so lucky to have a Godly man who endeavors to make my life and all those around him better. I'm so happy I made the choice to be with Him 5 years ago today!

SO... in honor of it I'm posting a few of my favorite wedding pics. Laura Lily - my good friend in Canada jumped on a plane and got handed my Digital Rebel. She was a film student and took a mean farm pic! I just knew she'd do great on a wedding and we were broke so no money for a fancy schmancy wedding photographer! (ironically). You would swear she'd been shooting weddings her whole life by what she turned out! I'm still so grateful she made the trip out. She's doing weddings herself now so if you're in Ottawa and need a photographer I'll hook you up! This is one of my favorite wedding photos EVER. She took it of the guys through their window while they were getting ready:

Ofcourse I can't forget to include a photo of Lydia - our sweet girl - who has made our lives together so much richer! (taken on our Oregon trip).


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love seeing all of your wedding photos, too! Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful life God has given you 3.

    P.S. I had to look twice @ the 3rd picture down. It looked like Omi. Beautiful none the less :)

  3. oh Sarah - thank you for sharing this intimate look into your heart. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversay Wes & Sarah! Marriage IS so wonderful when you have the right one! God bless! Amber Olson, SK, Canada

  5. Congrats on the Anniversary! Your little one is so cute.


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