Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Afternoon with the Pages

Good food. Good fellowship. Good friends. There really is nothing that makes you feel warmer inside than a Sunday afternoon with friends. I took my camera and snapped a handful of photos in the Page family's back yard. Here are my favs till I get the rest edited!

Is this guy the cutest thing you've ever seen in his Dad's hat?

Sorry guys - you can tell I've lived in a city my whole life. I didn't realise what a dangerous thing I was doing when I sent Zachary up the wood pile!

Christina's house have these fantastic old windows. This is their littlest boy playing with Lydia in the afternoon sun. Just thought I'd add it cause it was so cute:


  1. These are fantastic! Beautiful work, Sarah.

  2. I love these. Sarah you have such a nack.. I knew how beautiful Christina was but wow you made innocence pop!

  3. I love these! These are so good Sarah!


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