Saturday, November 28, 2009

Levi & Brianna - Last Wedding of the Year

Whew... between a job, 10 weddings, a 2 year old at home almost full time, family and senior sessions, etc. etc. it's been a VERY busy year. Very rewarding though. I've learned SO much and I'm so grateful. So.. here is the beautiful couple that wraps up my 2009 weddings. Levi and Brianna had a gorgeous (unseasonably warm) November day with lots of love from family who came in from around the country. My assistant for that day, Kristen Daulton, will be posting more beautiful pics on her site. Stay tuned for a link. Here are a few of my favs from the day:

I love this photo - Brianna sneaking a peak around the corner to look at Levi and all the people arriving at her wedding:

The cake was from "Caked" on 4th street. Very nice!

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