Wednesday, December 23, 2009

50 going on 5

Two weeks ago I photographed a surprise 50th birthday party. You would expect a very adult occasion wouldn't you? But according to Drew's lovely wife Angie - he is anything but adult. He's "just a big kid" at heart. The party had a "kids" theme with all the silly, delicious, outrageous details you wished for when you were 5 but your parents wouldn't let you have. Tons of candy, games, millions of toys, gags, cupcakes galore and "Tickle" the face painting clown. It was so much fun and definitely a success since Drew was completely surprised. I found out that he was as young at heart as she'd said he'd be which is why I opened the blog with above picture.

I just made a composition for an idea of what was there. We did tons of photos with the family that was in town and I'll post those for them to see in a gallery. Here are a couple I really loved though. Angie battled an agressive form of cancer recently and MADE it through. Woot!! Thank the Lord and modern medicine. I just loved this photo when I thought of it because she is so happy in it and carefree and considering what her diagnosis could have meant even 10 years ago it's such a miracle. It also tells a lot of her relationship with her husband. Your partner should always keep you laughing!

The siblings were from around the country. Here they were making a "sissy sandwich" of their sister.


  1. Fabulous photos! Looks like it was a fantastic party! :)

  2. I love these pics and I love those Weathers. Great job Sar. :)


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