Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Family After My Own Heart

I have an opportunity to write things from my heart on here and I'm going to do just that today. I'm posting photos of a family that I LOVE. They go to our church and Donald (Dad) is our song leader. He is probably the most humble person you'll ever meet. In fact when I think of him away from the pulpit I picture him hands in pocket, kicking the dirt, humbly laughing or smiling. He's just one of those talented people who gives SO much to SO many and always seems to think he's inadequate. SO - I just want to tell him (on behalf of me, my family and SO many others) what a wonderful job he does leading songs. I so admire his heart's desire to follow the leading of the Lord and ignore his own needs and desires. I've filled in on piano at church and believe me - being up in front of that many people is nerve wracking. He really does a nice job. ANYWAY... just wanted to say that publically. I don't think he ever gets the praise he deserves. The cool thing is - he's got God in him. When he reads this he's going to divert the praise straight back to Jesus where it belongs. :) Okay.. now for some favs from their family session!

Introducing Caitlin... a buddy photographer.. one who I fully expect to give me a "brisk" run for my money. She's talented... and I'm hoping we get to team up in the near future!

I love this photo.... LOVE it! Look how much he loves her. I can tell when I look at this!

Caitlin - please - when you see these don't get a big head. Beautiful people are far better looking when they aren't aware of their exterior! :) I went a little gung-ho on pictures of her... maybe we'll call it an early senior session. :)


  1. you know what I have come to notice...women like to grow their hair verry long in Flagstaff!

  2. Yes, and we are very proud of our God given hair!!!

  3. Good observation anonymous number 1. Why all the "anonymous" comments though? Flagstaff women in general like to have long hair more so than other places I've noticed (call us hippies I guess) but the really long hair you're noticing are people in my church. If you have questions I can answer them. It is very feminine and I too( like Anonymous Number 2) am very proud of mine. Not everyone's made to do it... but I am. :)


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