Monday, December 7, 2009

Ciceros and the Five Dollar Smile

Being a photographer is part talent... part equipment... part luck. Sometimes you just have subjects that DON'T want their picture taken and you have to count on a little luck to come in your direction. For instance... exhibit A:

Joshua was really not in the mood to look happy in the frigid air. And rightfully so I suppose. In his head indoor photos would have been just as great. What does he know about lighting?? Anyway... Shannah and Paul were SUPER patient. They didn't loose their cool (take notes parents - kids will be kids even on photo day!). They just worked with him. THEN the luck part came into play. My lucky charm that day was Gavin - a cousin they happened to have brought along. After about 100 shots of the back of Joshua's head, I told Gavin I'd pay him $5 bucks if he could make Joshua smile and look at the camera. Wouldn't you know that 5 minutes after negotiating the offer - Gavin had delivered. Gavin... are you up for hire???

Does Philip have the most beautiful eyes or WHAT!??

Once we arrived at a coffeeshop for hot chocolate he was all smiles! So was I :)

Thanks Guys for being patient and keeping all your spirits up. It shows through in the photos!! :)


  1. I'm friends of the Cicero's and I have to say that they always take such great pictures but these were beautiful! You did a fabulous job!!! I've looked at some of your other photos as well and you are very talented.

  2. These pictures are awesome! I dearly love the subjects and think Sarah has been blessed with a gift to see ordinary things a little differently. Shoo! You are such a beauty!

  3. I LOVE these pictures, Sarah you have a true gift!!! Thank you for taking our family photo!! I think I need to pay Gavin an extra $5 now that I've seen the results of his hard labor!!!


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