Monday, March 15, 2010

Keeping Love Alive

Life gets a little hectic sometimes. Routines turn what used to be fun and exciting into boring and ordinary. Scary part is it's our own fault. It simply feels easier to fall into a pattern - and it's the path of least resistance to tell ourselves that we simply don't have time for "all that fun stuff" we used to fill our lives with. We feel guilty if we take the time to do something that doesn't accomplish something (aka further our careers or make us money). I was reminded last week though of just how simple it is to work a fun little date into one's schedule. Between the end of last Wednesday's work day and church Wes and I picked up some hamburgers from Dog Hauz and drove out towards SnowBowl to take some photos of this winters extraordinary snowfall. It was so much fun. Lydia was loving all the puddles.

We snowshoed out to an old abandoned ranch house that Reg Plett (fellow photographer) tipped me off on. (Turns out it would be an EXCELLENT venue for someone's engagement pics.) All said and done, it was a cheap-easy-n-quick way to appreciate the two people I love most and the gorgeous place I live in. All in a block of time that I likely would have filled for cooking, vacuuming or facebooking. Now it's time to quit blogging and take my little girl to the library (she's watching Barney and I feel compelled to practice what I preach!!)


  1. your little blog and pictures made me smile. glad you are leaning on the optimistic and positive point of view. this is why we are friends. :) love u - abh


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