Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Robsons

Recently at church, our pastor was talking about "doing all things as unto God". In other words don't just go to church and pay your tithes and call good a day. Try to put the effort into all things as though you're doing it for God. Your work.. your family.. your friends... your hobbies even. Do it honestly, whole heartedly and with good motives and intentions. Boy - summing that all up I realize how miserably I fail at this. I often feel like I don't contribute much good to the world - but occasionally when I'm taking photos I see a very pointed purpose in what I'm doing. This was one of those times. I gave Danette family photos for her 30th birthday. In these last few years she has endured some hardships that most people will never see in a life-time. If there ever was someone with a right to be negative it's her - but you'll never hear it. She is strong and kind and gracious and loyal. She is a beautiful person outside and in. She was NOT wanting photos of herself - but I really wanted to take a few while we were getting family photos to reflect the beauty that I see come out of her. She is a wonderful inspiring friend and mother and always will hold a special place in my heart along with her handsome boys who were SO charming while having their photos taken. I hope these pictures reflect in a small way what a neat bunch of people these are! :)

Matthias is quite the acrobat and he was dying to do some tricks for me. Despite how the lower left photo looks (ouch!) he landed his back flip and no children were harmed in the making of these images. (thank the Lord!)

William trying to find his pockets before we took the "look at the camera" shot. It was cute!

They looked pretty bored with the whole photo idea...
So we got a tickle fight started!

I love you Netty !!!


  1. Nice picture Sarah (as usual)! And you're right, Danette IS beautiful! She is blessed to have 3 wonderful sons and a strong heart & faith to endure the things she's faced in life. Thanks for this small tribute to her. God bless. =)Amber O

  2. Very nice work. Your clients must be very happy : )


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