Friday, January 29, 2010

Jalen and Jaxon

I was lucky to photograph the cutest little boys in Flagstaff. I can say this only because me and my family have had ALL girls. ;) Seriously though... you'll see why I venture that far. They were so sweet and well behaved and on top of it - GORGEOUS. I'm pretty sure Jaxon could become the Huggies spokes-baby tomorrow! Here are few of my favs for the session.

Daddy came home just in time to get them to put his football jerseys on. They were swimming in them. While he was coaxing Jaxon to wear it I snapped this shot. Really sweet...

Jalen got his brand new bike out to show me. It was very cute how impressive he thought it was!

I told him he could throw snowballs at me if we went outside. I didn't bank on him having good aim!

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  1. Those snowball pictures are great! How cute, and fun for a days work!!


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