Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kathryn & Thomas at Saddlerock Ranch Sedona

If there's one piece of advice I'd give couples it's this: have a small wedding. I know... for most of us that means offending tons of people, but every time I shoot a wedding like this (guest total:30) I fall in love again with the intimacy and natural flow the day takes. Kathryn and Thomas had a wedding I would have carbon-copied for myself. They literally hit the vendor jackpot. This was a destination wedding (they are from the East Coast) and they did most of their planning from thousands of miles away. They kept it simple and spent their money on things that were really important to them. Amazing food (I think I'll devote a whole blog post to their personal chef... she was THAT good!); a great local bluegrass band because Thomas is a musician himself and wanted live music; and a scenic house full of character to hold the festivities in. They scored high points on all counts and the best part of the day was that it was emotionally charged with all the joy and tears that best friends and close family pour into an occasion. Here are some of my favs from the day!

They chose to do a pre-wedding photo session. This is right after he saw her and proclaimed his surprise at how good she looked... it was really cute... I knew what he meant. I knew she'd look great but I also was blown away about HOW great she looked.

Thomas spotted the Agaves in the lower photo on a previous visit.... aren't they massive?? I was in awe!

Love this photo... right as she was going to exit the car...

Waiting to walk down the isle. Love how relaxed Kathryn was!

A unique thing they did at their ceremony is that the audience pronounced them man and wife... it was pretty cool!

Probably my favorite thing about this wedding is how they served the food "family style". Passing big heaping plates of amazingly delicious food. It made it feel like it was christmas with my own family!!

Actually... come to think of it... THIS was my favorite part about this wedding. A bonfire and the Burnett Family playing blue grass!


  1. Beautiful as usual Sarah! What a gorgeous wedding and the setting couldn't have been more beautiful!

  2. AMAZING WEDDING. And your pictures are lovely!!! wow. big huge fat wow.

  3. ahhh! wow! So awesome, It makes it better that I was just there with you...Sedona is gorgeous, I think one of my fav's is them on the road! AWESOME! love Omi=)

  4. What a beautiful wedding! Great job Sarah!

  5. Kristen DaultonMay 7, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    Looks great! Love love love your work!

  6. When I was 12 I wrote down a list of things to do and one was to get married in Sedona. Beautiful location! You have some very endearing moments captured. Lovely work as usual.

  7. Incredible photos! You really captured the beauty of the surroundings and the feel of the day just perfectly. :)

  8. I am friends with the Burnette family, aren't they great! They are such a gifted family. Always have been so humble. Looks like a very fun, intimate wedding. Beautiful job.

  9. Amazing photos, once again. Andrew and I actually met Tom this weekend (at another wedding) and we both had a long talk about how wonderful you are to work with. Honestly, I think we all miss working with you...just a little bit ;) Hope you are doing well.
    - Karine Nolte

  10. Thanks for sharing your wedding w/ me. It looks like a wedding straight from heaven. Congratulations to both of you. I hope you have a wonderful life together.
    Love your cuz,


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