Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hawkes & Page Clan

Meet Amber (the beautiful girl on the right pictured with her niece):

In the story of my life... Amber has a starring role. If she didn't exist, things could possibly be completely different for me. You see we met at a christian youth retreat in 1999. She and I became good friends that kept contact and traveled together for years afterward. We were the kind of friends who instantly picked up where where we left off. She always knew how to make me feel good about myself and those around me - and I'm positive that I've never laughed as hard with anyone else as her. (case in point below):

Yesterday I sat and shed a few tears when I opened a mothers day card she'd mailed me from Portland where she now lives. I've been through a little rough patch recently... and somehow Amber knew just what to say to unlock the emotions I've had bottled in. What a gal she is! Her friendship was always been a gift and remains unlike many others I've had to this day. Most importantly, she gave me the gift of introducing me to my husband, her good friend Wes. When I moved here I felt like inherited an extra family in her parents and sister Jaimie who now is Lydia's babysitter a day a week. Jaimie and I have also bonded and I treasure her friendship so much. She and her family just found out that they will soon be stationed in South Korea for Eryn (her husband's) job. I am so happy and so sad at the same time. Those are going to be some BIG shoes to fill and Lydia is going to freak when she figures out what's going on. ANYWAY... We got the WHOLE family together for some photos before they set sail on their great adventure. It's such an honor to have known and become close to this family. I'll be putting some of these photos up around my house too! :) I love you guys all so much. Good luck with wherever life takes you and may the Lord always guide you. I know you'll do wonderfully.

Do you still think you're not photogenic Jaimie??


  1. I think this is my favorite of all.......
    Great Job:)

  2. I agree these are my favorite pictures you've ever done! So priceless for them a they all spread out! Good job!


  4. Correction Page and Hawkes Clan

  5. Oh my Sarah. The pictures you take always bring me to tears. They evoke such emotion. What fabulous pictures! What special memories to have before their trip overseas.

  6. Gosh Sarah, your work is getting better and better!
    LOVE the one of them in line according to height.

  7. Sarah, thank you so much for these photo's of my family. I can't look at them with out crying. I had to take a double take of the one with me and Kena walking away with my arm around her. I actually thought it was my Sister Donna. Oh how I miss her. I will have all of these around my house, My family won't seem so far away. Love you girl, and you will always be apart of our family. Penny


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