Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Happy Bunch

When our good friends the Boones visited from New Zealand I told them I was going to take family photos since I'd managed to miss doing their wedding. We had planned to be there but as life goes we had a little bundle of joy arrive JUST when they were scheduled to tie the knot. Anyway... we did a little jaunt around downtown and then headed for the fields so they could have a little souvenir of Dave's home town. I realised when I edited these that Naya must be the easiest baby I've ever photographed. There were no photos where she wasn't smiling. I guess she can't help it with the parents she has. They about the coolest most layed back pair you'll ever meet. I wish we lived closer.

Something about the photo below I love. It's like you can see peace and happiness written all over their faces.

Lydia came a long for the ride (my little girl on the left). You'd think they were sisters wouldn't you?

And one of Naya and her grandma (not that she looks like one) back at the house.

We love and miss you guys!


  1. lovely family! loved the one with little girl's hair electric! riding on her dad's shoulders.

  2. These are so cool Sarah, thanks a bunch. Meisha

  3. The photos are beautiful! Lovely and wonderful family along with a fantastic photographer. Emily


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