Monday, June 28, 2010

Zack and Jacqui

When Jacqui contacted me I guessed this wedding would be unusual and beautiful with it's unique locations. When I MET her later in January I knew it would surely be a wonderful occasion ... she's one of those human beings that doesn't meet a stranger. Kind and happy and genuinely nice... even under pressure. Seems fitting for an ER nurse I guess. Then we met Zack, and he like his wife is a rare breed. On top of being excellent humans in character - they are beautiful on the outside too. Both of them made a personal record for me asking my assistant Kristen and I OFTEN if we were okay, if we needed anything, thanking us for making the journey.. etc. I felt much more like a friend than a vendor. Thank you both for such an exceptional experience. I loved every moment of your wedding. The laughs, the tears, and all the special personal touches you put on your day. It all made for beautiful photos. So many so that I'm going to do two posts. One for the wedding, and one for the reception. Enjoy!

The getting ready and reception site was Hacienda De Corona de Guevavi Ranch near Nogalez. I can't say enough about this bed and breakfast ranch. It was a photographer's paradise with it's decor and surroundings.

Jacqui made her own jewelry for the wedding. And wore awesome vintage shoes. I told you she was cool!

One of the coolest parts of the wedding to me was the jewelry. Jacqui MADE Zack's ring and he had hers made. Neither one saw the wedding rings before the alter. They were GORGEOUS!

Zack wore a vintage western outfit - fully equipped with vintage pistol, knife AND hand-made bullets (which I heard he crafted himself!)

The ceremony was in Mission San José de Tumacácori which is a beautiful Spanish mission church void of any elaborate decorations and left in it's original state as a nationally treasured "ruin". It had beautiful light and a wonderful spirit about it.

This mariachi band was amazing. Part of the ceremony was the most beautiful rendition of "Ode to Joy" that I've ever heard. It was perfect for the setting!

I walked around the edge of the building right after the ceremony and caught Zack doing his "happy dance". :) I would put the whole series in if my blog could handle it. It was pretty cute! (and funny)

While I was fixated on the shadow shots (like the one above) my assistant Kristen Daulton got this AMAZING candid shot of them walking along this wall. I just adore the way the shadows fell and the composition landed. It's one of my favorite wedding photos ever! Way to go Kristen! She really rocked the second shooter spot on this one:

More to come in the next few days of my favorite formal shots and some of the reception!


  1. LOVE this, as usual. ;) What great style the bride has... you brought out the beautiful colors, energy and joy in every aspect of the day!

  2. WOW! Sarah, these are so so good! My favorite wedding you've ever shot... right after mine of course! :) I bet you absolutely loved shooting it.

  3. I love living in Arizona!! What a great Arizona wedding! Great job Sarah!

  4. Ah! What a great weekend that was! Thanks so much for having me. It was a really amazing wedding! You completely said all the right things about the 2 of them! They were incredible!

  5. you have an amazing eye to catch such dimensions and characteristics and HEART ... all in one day! have you ever done a wedding in Canada?!?!

  6. Great photographs. I was unable to attend and through these photographs I feel as though I was there. Highly anticipating the next batch.

  7. Great Arizona wedding. Love the location and the chic cowboy-ness.


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