Thursday, September 30, 2010

So many beautiful people... so little time!

I guess every part time webdesigner/part time photographer/full time mommy and wife comes to this conclusion eventually: all photographs are not destined to be blogged. I've finally gotten to that point where it's just not feasible to be able to put everything I do up here - as much as sharing these pictures is the greatest level of satisfaction I get from doing them. So from now on.. I'm a selective blogger. I'll do it when I have time and skip it when I don't. So Lydia is tucked in, Wes is dreaming of spinning wheels in the canyon and I could REALLY use the sleep... but here are a few from some recent shoots.

This is Jessica. That's her Grandma's red couch (her idea... I loved it!!). I've known her and her family for the past 8 years. Seems like she was just a little girl... the other day wasn't it? She's quiet and meek and has a lot of attributes I wish I had more of. She was diagnosed with a malignant tumor a few years ago which miraculously (praise the Lord) showed up being benign when further tests were done. I wondered as I focused on those big beautiful eyes what great purpose God saved her for. I almost died at 5 years old from a burst appendix and when I feel low in life I always think - "God saved me for something." Jess... I'm sure you have many great reasons to live for yourself and for others. Can't wait to watch you grow into womanhood! :) P.S. You're unbelievably photogenic... I wish I could share 50 photos on here!

A couple of my favs from this adorable family's shoot (1 year old Aidan definitely stole the show!)

And Nicki's senior pics who happens to look really good in black and white...

Night night!


  1. I LOVE when you post! You are so incredibly talented! I just love you~! Want to do Mexican food at my casa next week?

  2. OH my word Sarah! jessicas pictures are soooooo Beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful photos as always. You're an amazing photographer Sarah.

  4. Beautiful photos! My fav is Jessica sitting in the woods and the sun in shining down on her. Just beautiful!!! I agree. I love it when you post. I enjoy looking at all your photos!


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